Causes of TMJ Syndrome

TMJ causes can be varied and dependent on each individual. A complete list of the TMJ symptoms and disorders has yet to be compiled. Researchers have attributed TMJ causes to everything from dental procedures to teeth clenching. Conditions such as arthritis that strike other joints in the body can also attack the TMJ and add to the pain and dysfunction associated with TMJ disorders.

Trauma-induced TMJ Syndrome

One cause of TMJ pain is often attributed to trauma to the head or neck. For example, a whiplash injury suffered in a car accident can stress tissues and ligaments, displace the TMJ cartilage disc, or cause bleeding that leads to the formation of scar tissue, causing pain and immobility. A fall or heavy blow to the side of the face or head can break bones or displace the cushioning TMJ cartilage disc.

Minor trauma can also be a TMJ cause. Habitual jaw clenching, teeth gritting and grinding, gum chewing, and even biting on such items as paper clips, fingernails, pencils, pens, etc., can lead to long-term wear on the TMJ.

Dental problems leading to TMJ Syndrome

Another TMJ cause is an improper bite where teeth do not fit together properly or where jaws don’t line up correctly can cause TMJ discomfort. TMJ pain can also be caused by missing back teeth and persistent wear of the TMJ cartilage as a result of the disc being in the wrong position.

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